Thursday, February 06, 2014

quick thoughts on a poem by Stevie Edwards

Beast Chant by Stevie Edwards
this morning, before any tea, i read the second poem on the page linked above.  i read it twice in a complete loop; not stopping between the last word of the last line and the first word of the first line.
i find with most poems, the meaning doesn't sink in for me until I've reached the ending.  i focus so much on the words.  i focus on each individual word, and how it sits with its neighboring words.
Stevie has formed a Chant indeed.  it can be repeated in a loop over and over without diminishing in meaning or being confused by the absence of beginning or end.  in part, this is down to his constant, but not abused, alliteration of the "bee" sound.  in another part i credit Stevie with distinct and meaningful repetition.
as for the story, the meaning of the piece.  it could be an over reaction to a bumble bee in the room, or a dark ancient rhyme lost from Gilgamesh or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
worth a read and reread.

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