Saturday, July 11, 2009

UFC 100

to celebrate the most anticipated rematch in UCF history, we're going to watch the event at our pal Jerry's house. he has a projector, so the fighters are life size which makes it even more exciting.

i like to contribute to the spread, and since there are lots of guys who like spicy goodies, it's a nice place to flash my spicy cookie muscles.

i use this recipe minus the cinnamon and triple the amount of cayenne. this time too, because we had them, i used white chocolate chips instead of the chunks (though i do love the chunks).

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Girlcreeture said...

If only I could be Brock Lesnar sized for like, a week. Oh the places I'd go Dr. Seuss! Oh the laws I would break!

Sorry, my re-visitation of your wonderful words just happened to coincide during a time when I'm getting back in touch with my headhunting ancestry... machetes man, machetes.