Friday, July 10, 2009

Dream Me Umeda

a handsome man you seem to know
takes you to a love hotel
overlooking the glowing rivers
you see the future in sickly tremors
bright yellow poisons
seeping from hidden positions
but in the hotel you're separated
what kind of love hotel is this?
frustrated and angry flee
only to get lost in the city
a man points out a fruit stand
you're in Umeda, he screams
smiling and waving his hand
this is the best part he demands
pointing upwards as ferris wheels
with people on board
are raised like giant white monsters
in the middle of an unfamiliar square
where a small italian girl
helps you find the subway grid
and gets you home just in time
to realize you'll be late again
but healthy old women assure
there's no work to be done any more
relax, have breakfast and forget about that man
you thought you loved
but couldn't have

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