Monday, July 13, 2009

pilot program 1

let's try to settle our disputes
in small pre-arranged battles
between ropes and beams
and crowds of adoring fans
with booker stubs from wages made

let's fight like men with something to lose
and bitter hate for one another
until the match is decided
for the winner to bow
and the loser to win the hearts of onlookers

let's give it a smashing name
and put someone in charge
of our character development
so we can turn our disdain
into profit.


Girlcreeture said...

Mmmmm, I miss you and I'm sorry I haven't visited in so long.

As an aside: If I could turn disdain to profit I would rule this world and the streets would run RED.

katy said...

no sorries, darling. you're here now, right when i need you most ^_^

we had a great phone convo friday. it made me happy.