Wednesday, October 03, 2012

i am grateful for rowdy (3/31)

i have had two nightmares within the last week, both featuring my baby kitty Rowdy.  they were nightmares because he was bleeding.  i am grateful that he is alright.  i think he, out of all the pets i've ever had, loves me the most of all of them.  maybe he needs me the most, but it feels like love. 
he tucks me in at night if ryan stays up after i get in bed.  he jumps up and cuddles on my pillow.  he waits for me to fall asleep.  in the morning he meows for breakfast.  sometimes when i get home in the afternoon, he meows hellos at me.  we have conversations in the bathroom every time i take a shower.
i really love him.  his little ways, although some times naughty, make me laugh and smile.
he's my baby.  and i'm grateful for feeling so well loved by him.

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Nicole said...

Awww. I'm glad you love him. :)