Sunday, October 07, 2012

Happy Birthday, Linda

yesterday was Linda's brithday.  we threw a little surprise party in the back room at Gustare Mashpee for her.
naturally, i was put in charge of desserts for a secret gathering of yummy foods and happy people.  i made some chocolate cupcakes, filled them with dulce de leche and salted them (yum), but i also made a new thing.  a fun thing.  a yum thing... this thing...
 a galette.  which i discovered via foodgawker.  my excellent instruction came from, though i changed the fruit from blackberries to figs and added a little Gustare balsamic vinegar in there to sweeten things up even more.
my galette was good hot, good cold, good reheated. 

so Linda had a happy birthday party, and i made a successful new thing!  i think i might attempt an appley one for thanksgiving.  ^___^

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