Monday, January 02, 2012

man with one quid

a reply to eoin macken's a woman on the tube

there are few who notice
an old woman in flannel rags

unless she's crying
or leaning against them on the tube

their ears plugged with sounds
selected at random by a device

i can hear the songs too
because you play them so loud

you don't want to hear the world
but you have to see it

you have to see me
give me your change

or think a smile will do
to feed me and the old man

i have to go home to
his heart failing more often now

the heat runs out regularly
and you think one pound will help.

it does.  but we need more
than one man with one quid to give.


Colleen said...

I happened upon your post because I was reading Eoin Macken's blog. What a beautiful poem as a response to his.

katy said...

thank you, colleen!