Sunday, January 01, 2012

good morning, new year

she found a young man on the floor
of a long hall of apartments

where she'd been at a party
to celebrate the new year

he was slumped over, asleep
with floppy brown hair and drunken eyes

kicking him gently to wake him
he groaned and turned his face to her

she told him, "you look like you could be handsome"
then insisted he follow her the six blocks home

because "you can't stay here".

she promised him breakfast and a shower
and as they walked he told her how he'd ended up

stranded in a strange apartment building
after a series of pubs and strange Russian men

with solo cups filled with delight
and promises of pretty girls and music.

she fed him four aspirin and a shot of wet whisky
then left him in the bathroom, supervised by her cat

while she made pancake batter and a pot of tea
and tweeted his status for his friends to find.

they shared breakfast and facts about themselves
and finished the puzzle on her apartment floor.

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