Sunday, January 08, 2012

doll house architect

by Ivan Slavinskiiy
he had been making doll houses
pristine and white

with lace and rose-covered wall paper
around every corner

and every detail a little girl's delight
for fifty-four years before

an epiphany

struck him like a blast of lightening
bright and dangerous

a glass house.  it would be
his most dramatic, beautiful and prized work to date

something to give those auctioneers
a real reason to shout!

diamond cut crystal windows
lit with orange and blue and red

the illusion of a fireplace
and a complacent cat curled up beside it

the details you would see through the glass
no cut-out forth wall to reach through and touch

a dollhouse that no doll
could ever escape or be played with.

he threw out the amazing idea;
fore the fear or being trapped

scared him like no other.

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