Thursday, May 28, 2009

i deleted Thesis In Action

thesis in action was my thesis-related blog with zero readers. i started the blog to get my advisor's attention (if you knew him, you'd understand). i told him i started the blog, which he thought was fantastic, then never ever ever so much as looked at it.

the blog started as a collating spot for all my research. there were some article reviews, for example. i also included outlines and drafts at first. but then i began using it to complain about my thesis. how much i hate writing it, hate the topic, hate the blog, hate myself, etc. so i deleted it. it's better off not being seen.

i've never deleted a blog before, but it felt good. really good. i think in part because it was filled with so much negativity towards the work i need to be doing right now. in fact, on my way to school i was thinking about this post. i was thinking about dicussing why i dislike my thesis so much and why it's taking me so long. about how whenever anyone asks me what it's about i just shrug, throw out a few big words until their eyes glaze over and then declair "it's stupid really". but whining about my thesis isn't going to get it done. and if i just get to it, i'm sure it won't be that bad in the end.

i just wish i didn't hate it ^_^


beth said...

Is it because Stan has taken over and controls the topic? Or is it the whole thing all together?

katy said...

stan is the puppet master, but that's not the only issue... the whole process, the whole un-equal work from student to student, it's a big mess.