Friday, January 24, 2014

the mashpee chamber of secrets

i've been humming and hawing about starting a new blog specifically about my work at the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce.  in october of last year Mary Lou asked me nonchalantly if i might be interested in helping her out over at the chamber. answering phones, making posters, replying to emails and writing a weekly newsletter.  her previous executive assistant left the office in a bit of a lurch.  i don't pretend to know everything that happened, nor do i care to share what i do know because that isn't my story.

my story is happy.

i met Mary Lou, the executive director of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce through a raffle drawing.  which i didn't even enter.  a lovely woman named Lisa over at woodruff's entered my name into a Chamber-organized drawing for a $1,000 shopping spree after i'd had a picture of ryan and i framed.  i had no idea i had even been entered, until i finally got a voicemail from Mary Lou telling me i'd won a contest.

so i got an awesome picnic table, some dresses which my sister has now taken full ownership, some whale watch tickets, flowers (of course), and some gift cards to some rather lovely restaurants in town.  best of all, though, i got to know Mary Lou.

since the spree, i've kept in touch with Mary Lou through my work at Gustare and at Weight Watchers; which is where, one morning, Mary Lou asked me if i'd be willing to help.

starting in october, i was putting in as many as 15 hours a week at the chamber on top of my full holiday-retail schedule at Gustare, nearly 20 hours a week of macaron baking, and seven meetings a week at weight watchers.  despite being so busy, though, i kept up with social affairs and apparently did good work at the chamber.

after my two week holiday in england, the Chamber officers offered me 35-hours a week, decent wage, year round work, as the executive assistant.  um, yes please.

as i happily conveyed to a friend via email, i'll actually be able to ride my bike to work in the spring, summer and autumn.  as soon as the snow melts, i am going out to buy a helmet and back pack.  my CO2 footprint will go down a bit this year, i think.

so i've been humming and hawing, like i said, about starting a blog about my adventures at the chamber.  but i have decided that i can do whatever telling i want here.  on my already-established blog.  if i could make tabs for somethingkaty, i would.  but maybe it's better that it's all here, in one happy space.    

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Nicole said...

This is the most beautiful serendipitous story. :)