Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ten things i know about snow

one, snow is made of water ice
two, snow can take on many textures, for example it can be fluffy or heavy, wet or dry
three, where i live, we get enough snow for snowmen building
four, building snowmen can be difficult if the snow is too light and fluffy, not sticky
five, it is snowing outside right now
six, where i live, people love to complain about the snow
seven, where i live, people secretly love the snow
eight, tomorrow is a "snow day" which happens when events are cancelled and schools and places of work are closed due to unsafe traveling conditions
nine, shoveling snow is good exercise
ten, never drink snow to rehydrate, always melt it first otherwise your body will have to work too hard to rehydrate and that could be harmful or fatal depending on the circumstances

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Number seven. Yes. :)