Friday, March 15, 2013

building my first terrarium

i decided that i want some new plants in the house, and have for a while been drawn to the idea of a terrarium; a small little eco system encased in glass.  so i plan on turning one or two of the glass vases or jars i have at home (and never use) into a little plant world.

i did a little research: 

and after looking at hundreds of beautiful pictures online, i have decided that 1) they aren't difficult to build, 2) they don't sound too hard to maintain and 3) even if i do completely mess it up, it doesn't cost much.

before work this morning i went to mahoney's garden center in falmouth and purchased some pebbles, charcoal, moss, and these five "itty bitty" plants...

i have uber mini figurines (a little swamp thing, an alien, and two ninja turtles) at home ready to traverse the mini landscape.  and i think we have potting soil at home already, but that's always something i can pick up at any grocery store this time of year. 

now all i need is some time at home to actually design and plant! 

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