Friday, March 01, 2013

A Love Poem Project part 18

Big scoop. Seed sale for farmers. How they lined up, pushed barrows
into farm town. Vroom, vroom. Such miracle growth is. Denim,
___ switchblades &

___ dirt: is life giving. It's funny how it rains but when we

were in it, right in it, we ran for cover. Did You? Or does you
only do toms & cucs? _____We want tasty vegetables to take

home this week with splendid prices.
Returning homeward. __ oh, yeah. Could be organic, should be a label
__ on each Round
__ to tell us. I'm living within my locavore

vegan mushroom ___ yet still smoke & covet the frito lays aisle.

house holds) by albert mobilio from me with animal towering

Big deal. Pillow sale for them. How they tied up, rode groovy
into Bitetown. Vroom, vroom. Such miracle love as. Notes,
___ Kickbaks, &

___ disturb: ing lubrication. It's funny now in retro but when we

were in it, right in it, we Felt squeezed. Did You? Or does you
only do luv & kisses? _____We got tasty tablets to take

upon this rock with sending sky.
Returning world. __ oh, yeah. Could be big, should a bowie
__ knife Round
__ us out. I'm living within my flaking

paintjob's room ___ yet still Clue & covet a Greyhound zone.

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