Monday, November 16, 2009

Project Three Six Five - Day 1

every day of this, my 26th year, i will take a picture and post it here along with a few lines of original poetry. well, that is if everything goes according to plan.

here's a picture from a few days ago (cheating already, i know) from my birthday celebration. pictured on the left is Kristen, on the right, Cat. guess what sort of cupcakes they're eating from the poem ^_________^

peanut butter lover
loves girls with bold smiles
and legs that reach the floor.


man in painting said...

take care

matt at shadow of iris said...

I remember when you challenged people to send you a word, and you wrote a poem from it. That was really neat. Maybe at some point you could challenge your friends and trusted blog readers to send you a picture ... ;)

katy said...

matt, that was a fun project. i may do it again soon. and i did have a similar project where i asked people to send me a picture, but it wasn't quiet as successful. maybe i'll try that one again too.

thanks for visiting!!