Friday, November 27, 2009

mystery google - the new post secret?

thanks to my little bro, i have been mildly distracted from my thesis work this evening. after i went on raving about the tiny mountain of hilarity to be had at auto complete me, he asked if i'd heard of mystery google, which i had not. which means you may not have either. so what is it?

i have devised this simple equation to answers that very question:

mystery google = post secret + twitter

you put in some search terms, hit the familiar google search button and the results are a mystery. what they actually are though, are the results to the query made by the person who searched just before you.

unexpected search results are abundant, and some of them are as charming as can be. for example, i searched "this is better than twitter" and my search results yeilded those appropriate to the query: "i'm in love for the first time and i'm 44". ^___^

little bro was telling me that a popular game to play is giving out missions, such as texting people silly messages or emailing people. it's a brilliant way to stay anonymous--getting someone else to send the message for you. it's also a lovely way to make someone smile or share a deep little secret.

more exploring necessary. but i really must get back to my thesis now.

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