Wednesday, August 12, 2009

watered down

we breached the gap in time
to watch the whales parade

like floating effigies of themselves
among dolphins and canoeing tourists

splashing as they waved
to women and children

in protective wet-weather clothing.

but our adventure began
the following eve

as our ship began to sink
under the weight of too many laughs

and empty soda cans
left from friends who've visited.

panic stricken we called them up
on cb radios and plastic walkie-talkies

to ask for advice
on our sinking ship

and in reply came the first song
of a baby whale to its mother

our tears added to the oncoming sea water
as we listened to the sweet song

that caused our boat to sink faster
but we gave in to the sea

and took up inhabitants
with the striped bass and green crabs.

1 comment:

gerry boyd said...

What a way to go! Bravo!