Monday, June 15, 2009

Tony and Caroline

Tony is the DARE officer
at the local elementary school.

Caroline is a hair school teacher
and championship billiards player.

Tony breeds German shepherds, works out,
and goes deep sea fishing on the weekends.

Caroline follows the stock market and
wears lipstick and dresses to the grocery store.

Tony met Caroline during career day
in Mrs. Banner's class

at Tony's elementary school
where Caroline's niece attends the third grade.

to demonstrate her skills in front of the class
Caroline gave Tony a new hair cut.

the whole class agreed it suited him better
and that the two would make a fine pair.

to appease the hoards of children,
Tony asked Caroline on a date, and she accepted.

they went to dinner at a restaurant on the beach
and shared stories from their childhood.

dinner ended and as the sun set
Tony and Caroline held hands

walking down the beach in the orange glow
of dusk, avoiding small waves and sharp rocks.

the further they walked, the darker it got,
and the more stars they could see in the sky

until all other light disappeared
into the blue and white and yellow of the night

the stars grew bigger and brighter
and the couple felt as though they had walked for centuries

together, hand in hand, they walked
all the way into a different world

where wonder and love make the days glow longer
and the nights shine brighter

and monsters are defeated by honesty,
inner beauty and good intentions.

Tony and Caroline walked all the way
around the globe of this other world

until they made it back to the parking lot
where Tony's DARE car sat waiting

to take Caroline home where Tony left her
with a sweet good night kiss

and a promise to take her back
to that wonderful world they discovered together.

if there's a rocket tie me to it by snow patrol