Monday, June 08, 2009


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i've been reading Richard Herring's Blog lately. as a result, i too want to blog. not just poetry and youtube links, but proper blog entries like this one. okay, maybe a bit more interesting than this post, but similar pattern of introduction, interesting point, and end. maybe even a few links or pictures now and again.

unfortunately, i haven't much interesting to say. i could write on any manner of topics, but nothing is quiet as relevant as the writing i am not doing (namely, thesis). oh look, a topic! my thesis.

i hate talking about my thesis though, so this will never work!

before i settle into said thesis this afternoon, ryan is coming home for lunch (and liz is coming over too as a matter of fact). then i am off to check my schedule at the pizza joint and visit my bank. after that, it's home and focusing on thesis work for a few hours before suiting up and heading back to the pizza joint for a few solid hours of work.

i don't know how many people would be interested in a regular blogging experience here, or how many people will be put off the idea (as they're more interested in my poetry - i promise to continue to write poetry though, and perhaps even put a poem at the end of every regular post). but... i think i may give this a try either way. i think i need it right now.


the giant's foot laced up with trees
stomps through towns in the country
where little people plant crops
for the coast and sake of modern art

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