Wednesday, July 12, 2006

max is three months old today

working on his wrestling moves
all tangled up...and has been acting extra cute. here are a some of max's odder moments in the past few days... (the ones i caught on camera anyway)
what max doesn't realize is that we can still see him, no matter how much he tries to become one with the carpet
your guess is as good as mine
he just can't help being adorable
i think the objective here was to take up as much of the sofa as possible
he didn't stay under there long, and the rug didn't stay that way 'round for very long either


Travis Jay Morgan said...

Max is darling! It's so cute when he is laying on his belly with this hands spread out. I like that name too, MAX.

arch.memory said...

Katy, Max's photos lifted my spirits up today, an impressive task given the circumstances. Thank you!

B Blue said...

hey katy, how are you darling? i've been out of the loop. i love looking back at your stuff that i missed. i look forward to seeing new things from you. summer may be bad for poems, but it sure is good for lime popsicles.


Mike said...

Hi Katy! Max is so adorable! We have a max too, but much bigger, black, and generally not as silly. :) He's the alpha cat in the house, so he has to maintain his dignity. Thanks for posting these great pics.

Crunchy Weta said...

JAck slack
Jet slag
Black slate
Too late
He's splat!

ozymandiaz said...

Ah, I see you have a B.O.B in the making (big orange beast). We have one named Rocco. Everyone who knows Rocco is well aware that this is HIS universe.
There is something about male orange tabbies that are different from every other cat. They are personality +++. I am partially convinced that ours is not actually a cat but possibly a pan dimensional being sent here for some obscure reason that puny terrestrial minds will never be able to comprehend.
Long life Max.

Brian Boutwell said...

Katy, I really like Max in the thrid picture. Sprawled out on the floor. :)

katy said...

ah so many comments! max will be so pleased with his popularity =^_^=

t.j. - i should have you know that max's full name is The Mighty Jargrafess of the Holy Hadrojasic Maxarodenfoe.

the lying on his belly thing is a very strang cat behaviour, i think. i grew up with cats and don't remember them ever sleeping like that.

ashraf - special purrs from max to you.

brandy! - good to see you darling! looks like i have some catching up to do on your blog. i just checked it this morning and there are 4 or 5 posts i've yet to read. i will come by for a proper visit later tonight xoxo

mike - thanks ^_^ my other cat, ra (who lives with my mommy and daddy a few towns over) is the alpha cat of the neighborhood, and other than sunbathing on his back in the yard, he's very stern and regal about his behavior. am glad you liked the pictures!

glenn - so it was you then!!

ozy - rocco sounds similar to ra (who i mentioned above) in that he is not really a cat at all. ra is affectionately refered to as "the furry dinosaur". you see, ra is nearly 20lbs yet slender - his head is the size of max and he stand shoulder to shoulder with the corgi!
max is already the master of the house - if only by sure cute factor.

brian - it's good, isn't it? ^_^ he does that in the hall when he's playing too, as if he things we can't see him if he's close enough to the ground. (am liking the new avatar, by the by.)