Wednesday, September 14, 2016

interesting things you can do with sandwiches

a poem for MeeSherr

there are many things you can do
with sandwiches, but

there are only so many things
exclusively interesting

interesting without being gross
or childish or contrary

pure interesting is a talent
a special skill, honed

by those with love for the craft
and dedication to their work.

it may seem interesting
to put a sandwich under your bed

but most beds harbor dust
and fuzzy carpet

this is gross.
would you eat a furry sandwich?

it may seem interesting
to cut off the crusts and carve

your sandwich into fun shapes
like dinosaurs or hearts

but children do this to their food;
therefore, it lacks the exclusive allure

of being interesting simply
by being interesting.

it may seem interesting
to put chips in your sandwich

and it does taste great if your chips
are delicious and they go

with the flavor of your sandwich
but how many people have to do it

before it is no longer that interesting?
it may seem interesting

to substitute your bread with other foods
like lettuce or waffles

depending on your diet,
but we have seen this done

by large food chains now,
and so the interest is disappearing.

so how can one be truly interesting
and do interesting things with a sandwich?

perhaps the most interesting thing
one can do with a sandwich

is be completely normal with it.


Prim said...

Hello Katy, heretofore silent reader and subscriber here.

I must tell you that this duo of poems is excellent. I read each line of "sandwiches" with anticipation of the outcome--fun and "interesting", a rare combination in my reading these days.

And in "her story" I am transported there; I see the scene unfold and I too wonder--though I am sans courage to ask.

You have hit a stride and, writer-to-writer, appreciation trumps reticence...

And so I say to you, Congratulations!

katy said...

thank you so much for the lovely comments, Prim!