Tuesday, June 23, 2015

the boundary of envy

we cross the river again
murky with sludge
and banked by stagnant pools

the net cast is catching it all
the slime and filth
the lies and dead fish

to the other side
looking back we notice
our selves in different shapes

the eyes matching
the lips curling down
the reflections staring back

our time is over
to look back, now
we must press forward

to the valley
where wolves await
starving for meat

to the valley
where we will find
ever more and more

different versions of our selves
as we shed each layer
at each boundary


Nicole said...

I love your poetry.

Anonymous said...

I love your poems. Especially this one. Keep posting more Katy

Robyn Petrik said...

Love the lines "looking back we notice
our selves in different shapes"

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