Wednesday, April 24, 2013

boston, boston

on our way back
we saw

a bound land
where nightmares stop.

suggestions of love
obscure today.

we should have
helped everyone.

Been longing for the west coast lately, and seeing friend's pics of California makes me miss the good parts even more. Wish I could give it another shot - but rent is insane and pretty much impossible to pay on your own.

Anyone want to move to palm tree land with me?? :P (Liz Harrison)

Boston bound tomorrow if anyone wants to go for ride. Definitely a Lynwoods stop on the way back! (Michael Regan)
Hi Everyone, I went to the Jewel Box of Cape Cod today and Brian told me that I won!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me by liking my ring!! I won 450.00 gift certificate to the Jewel Box!!! Woo!! Hoo!! (Lorrie Roughan)
Anyone have any cool obscure film recommendations? I wanna get my mind blown again. (Jason Deehr)
If you have hulu plus, you should be watching Misfits. Right now. Thanks to Katy Acheson for the recommendation!(Deanna Mustachio)
Freaked the CRAP out of myself this morning! So, yesterday, I drew six "tick marks" on my left forearm - my Doctor Who friends know why. #impossibleastronaught day #counthesilence
This morning, when I got up and saw myself in the mirror, there were tick marks ON MY CHEST ... THAT I DON'T REMEMBER PUTTING THERE!!! Okay, sure, when the brain actually kicked in, I realized that the ink must have transferred in my sleep (presumably I was lying on my arm?), but there was that moment of, "WTF?! NO WAY...!"(Troy Pacelli)

I had a really great vacation but came home with a terrible cold. :( (Lauren Twombly)
Nearly done Joshua and looking forward to staring Judges.

Unrelated, but also in a much better place than yesterday. Here's to no nightmares in advance.(Caitlin Cloutier)

Anybody know why on the way to Boston I saw three buses from Rhode Island (touring style not school) and they had special written on their banner where they put where they are headed and two Rhode Island cruisers with their lights on on each end of them escorting them and two other state trooper SUVs in front as well as 4 more or so cruisers all from Rhode Island in single file?(Erin Fisk)
Can't wait to celebrate Momma Corley's bday tomorrow at Medieval Times (Maite Corley)
In pre-op, getting super nervous... (Emily Lagor)All this birthday love made my rainy day much brighter :) (Jessica Trufant)
My May is full of bass. (Glenjamin Washingmachine)
Does Ally Nolan need to know who the Ramones are? (Angela Nolan)
"I get very good results from feeding my lime tree with watered down urine…" Hmm, any other ideas? (Jonah Katz)

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Nicole said...

The last stanza is so good.