Friday, February 01, 2013

A Love Poem Project part 1

it's difficult to divide lyn hekinian's works up into individual poems and still get the sensation of experiencing her journey.  here, i have taken two parts of her writing is an aid to memory and translated them into love poems for you.

_______________we should show the world some class
__________something to amuse, to break the men, and
_________shoot their democracies down
__________kisses move and move the heart
______________most darkened, plastered fogged up
__________in return for some new information
____________________two girls in dresses two retort
_____________________unfashionable and compassionate those
revive ordeals
____________________the price of demolishing is worth
___________________sorting these and those apart
____________________for principle sounds of his own heart
________love his quiet tongue a language
_______________subsided revealing music in a song
__________of birds so greatly misunderstood
binding men to diving thoughts of new feminine forms breaking
_________________for fire
____________and despair in failure to seduce
by way of good deeds each summer
________________something tangible to his kindness like an apple
________________too great to fall on emotional grounds
_________________his eyes are closed by a women and her scorn

here are lyn hejinian's original poems, part 6 and 7 from writing is an aid to memory

_______________you must show yourself to catch
__________to be amused, to equate the man, to
_________shoot his autobiographical work
__________ideas move and move the thinker
______________more parted, pasted dog up
__________in return far of the information
____________________the schoolboy is decent to retort
_____________________unfashionable and compassionate whose
dive order
____________________the rate of forgetting is greatest
___________________storing that and these processes
____________________the principle source is his own and
________life is quality through a language
_______________substitute inventing music of a series
__________of changes very little understood
binding men for driving through a new internal logic fire
_________________to fish
____________of despair of failure for knowledge
by way of despair for the road
________________something edible to his nose like an ape
________________great heat to melt on emotional sympathy
_________________his eyes were closed by a student and close friend

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