Sunday, September 02, 2012

wolf hunter (poem 1/30)

synthia silvershire
was a wolf hunter

born into a family
of infamous wolf hunters

they saved farms and families and cities
and towns from the threat of people eating wolves

from a very young age, synthia learned
to track and kill her familial foes

she wore a wolf skin hat, lined
with the precious fur

of a great white wolf
her father had killed

but synthia was still young
she still had a heart

and could not take the lives
of those cubs she found

alone and abandoned by their mother
who was killed earlier that night

she took them in and trained them on a sleigh
and soon synthia silvershire became known

as the wolf woman.  no longer a hunter,
no longer a killer, now a mother.

and for this, she too
was abandoned by her family.

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