Wednesday, May 16, 2012

drabble day 16 - the long mowe

fill tank with clean gas. pull. pull. pull. chug chug churn thwiiiiirp. engine on. push. push straight. turn. push. rotate. struggle. push. push. lift. clunk clunk CLLLUNK. release leaver. a rock cut in half. still hot. empty bags. drop cuttings in the woods. walk back. fingers turning green. can't touch eye that itches. pull. push. sweat. pull. churn. clink. branch stuck in the wheel. wrestle it out. sweat. check bag. pull weed. empty cuttings. pull. start engine. push mower. push. push. sweat. don't stop until the lawn is evenly mowed. take a break after one hour. drink. sweat. start again.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I love all the onomatopoeia.