Sunday, September 05, 2010

prompt, this

a poem for drook

i would send you roses
if i knew your address


Shalet Jimmy said...

You are always welcome. This is my address.

Have a nice day.

Drook said...

Nice Katy -- From Love.

my turn :)
prompt, this

This, a prompt programmer's fault:
aminopeptides, yes or now.
Snake Doc, I,
another mede extinction.

This prompt a questionnor bump
nudge just hulking that thing you were
thinking meandering walking over thin asia--
cataracts of thought-- Adios Neck.
Seasonal recessession reception and eyes

Prompt, this focus twice: split decisions spilt incised.
Narcoleptic like the prey of Iolani--
the recorded heart still motioned,
ask in code, Coda Skein; twists of alpaca sun.

Build bridges porompt enough to dive right
into float off or better stay in one place
while aces do ink for ever a n
ever in ocean skid.