Wednesday, July 14, 2010

matching set with broken arms

he wandered the brutal desert
of the war-torn middle world

got caught in a pit, a mess
reached out and closed his eyes

he hoped and sang out
praying for his miracle, his muse

who comes to him in her dreams
a dark skinned goddess in jeans

smiles when she saves him
then wakes from her slumber

in a bare-brick apartment
two blocks from Madison Square Park

no names exchangeed but a kiss
shared on stage at a gig in Perth

he knew her lips and sway
wrote her poems and songs

posted lost love letters
on every street in London

all the wrong cities looking
for a girl in tight jeans and hoops

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Radu said...

Buna ziua,

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Cu respect,
Ursu Radu

(Dupa vizualizare as avea rugamintea ca acest comentariu sa fie sters)