Thursday, August 03, 2006

the bee program

(for ahmad)

there's something in high definition
playing on the megalatron(tm)
which they watch intently,
like children watching cartoons:

we are interested in this, but the cat
is keen on bathing in the breeze
of the artificial cooling unit we pray to
between the months of june and september.

i think of you drinking hot tea
typing on your laptop while i
drink cold tea and write poetry
on my laptop that isn't really mine.

exotic sweets stuck between my teeth
and the scrape on my right leg stings -
the high definition tv show is concerned
with the cormorants and honey bees of africa.

i reread your hand-written letter
admiring the n's and i's and f's
which made me cry again; but i didn't
tell anyone it happened until the day after.


thepoetryman said...

Nice walk...Atleast that's what it felt like...meandering through the park thinking about your day...

katy said...

thanks for reading and commenting mark; i guess it does sort of meander. not sure about the park, but the bees, yeah, i'll give you that one too.

arch.memory said...


katy said...

thank you dear

Anonymous said...

I might as well begin by saying that I loved the fact that there is no mourning in your poem.

In the second stanza, I loved the detail of the cat who is too interested in the breeze, and in the act of "praying to" the cooling unit. I also liked this;
"exotic sweets stuck between my teeth
and the scrape on my right leg stings –"

I did not know that I had interesting I's. Oh, the majiscules you mean. That is also my Arabic Aleph, by the way. Or used to be until recently.

Why would we not tell anyone until the day after? Does it have to do with the veracity of the event? Do we fear that the other accuses us of insanity? Do prophets not wait for the day after?

Is crying a prophecy, Katy?
Khayyic Ahmad