Tuesday, October 18, 2005

putting on perspective lenses

To make a point about gas prices… in 1866 oil cost approximately $31 per gallon… I don’t even want to think about how much per litre in pounds that works out to.

"In his book ''History of the American Whale Fishery,'' Alexander Starbuck notes
that sperm oil peaked at $2.55 per gallon in 1866, more than twice the price of
oil from other whales. Adjusted for 139 years of inflation, that's almost $31
per gallon in 2005 dollars. "

Granted it was no where near the same kind of oil, oil nonetheless. Perspective is pivotal in considering every day life and our tumultuous world. I don’t think we have it anywhere as near difficult as the Victorians must have. I don’t where a corset (also a product of whale hunting) and I don’t pay over $300 at the pump every time I fill up my car.

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